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“I’m TAG-ged, But You’re Out!”


(Just a warning: lots of links. I mean, LOTS of links.)

I know that football is supposedly America’s favorite sport but I love to watch baseball. Baseball fans know that when a baserunner is tagged, he is out. But it hit me the other day that for many who find themselves in sexless marriages, it happens that when one spouse is TAG-ged, it is the other one who is out. As in, “out of luck.”

In my reading, whether it be other blogs or other forums, or even comments in response here on my blog, I see situations in which spouses are suffering in their marriage because of the attitudes, behaviors, and choices of their spouses. This goes both ways, with both husbands and wives being recipients of being TAG-ged.

TAG-ged?!? “CSL, have you been hitting the BBQ sauce again?” No. That just my acronym for a common marital affliction. In my readings, it seems that there are three common problems one spouse may bring into the marriage and it ends up wreaking havoc in the relationship. Continue reading


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The Why and How of My Now, part 2

(This is the second of a five-part series; here are the links to part 1, part 3, part 4, and part 5.)

So, there we were, in 2010. A Good Christian Couple (GCM™ and GCW™), not unhappy. But not happy, at all.


Due to arthritis, sleeping downstairs, in a recliner. Because of her responses to harmless banter, I “knew” that she didn’t really like sex, and basically put up with it. So I stuffed down my wants to just once a month, so as not to “inflict myself upon her any further” (a line from Cat Ballou – I speak fluent Cinema.) December of 2010, I didn’t even bother, so we officially arrived at Sexless Marriage status – less than once a month. Continue reading


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“Find Thyself A Teacher”

In the Blogging 101 sphere, we are to write about, flesh out, comments that we might have made in visiting other blogging sites (the visiting was the assignment, yesterday.) One of the sites I came across was of a woman who is a Life Coach, and that triggered some questions and thoughts in me.

I am not clueless when it comes to Life Coaches; I listen to two podcasts, and both of them offer ‘coaching’. One of the podcasts, Sexy Marriage Radio, is hosted by Dr. Corey Allen, who is a licensed counselor, and who does counseling/coaching. His co-host, the popular author Shannon Etheridge, a licensed “Life Coach”, who conducts marriage workshops. Continue reading

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