Sexless Marriage Series

In looking at the viewing statistics that Word Press provides to its users, I am seeing that several of my series are ‘perennials’, posts that get viewed by folks searching the internet for what to do about their current situations. I realized that as I write posts on the topic of Sexless Marriage, they get aggregated to the Marriage & Sexuality page, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t necessarily all that more accessible.

With that in mind, I am creating this page to serve as an index to the different series I’ve written on the subject. I hope this helps you find information and ideas to help you as you work to better your marriages.

First, Profiles. In this series, I looked at the types and tools that GCHs™ fall into. If you see yourself in these articles, then you need to keep reading:

Christian Go-To Marital Tools, pt. 1
Christian Go-To Marital Tools, pt. 2.1
Christian Go-To Marital Tools, pt. 2.2
Christian Go-To Marital Tools, pt. 3.1
Christian Go-To Marital Tools, pt. 3.2
Plucked Chicken, Anyone?
What’s Worse Than A Plucked Chicken?

Next, Bad Teaching. Unfortunately, the Church have been victimized by some really bad teaching about marriage. Some of it pop psychology, some of it pagan philosophy, some of it just plain bad exegesis, so I wrote these articles to help counterbalance the bad messaging that we have been receiving.

Bad Teaching: Soulmates
Bad Teaching: Unconditional Love
Bad Teaching: “As Christ Loved The Church”
Bad Teaching: “Like Christ Loved The Church”, pt. 2
Bad Teaching: “Like Christ Loved The Church”, pt. 3
Bad Teaching: “Like Christ Loved The Church”, pt. 4
Bad Teaching: “Unconditional Love” Marries LYWACLTC
Love And Respect: A Two-Way Street
Bad Teaching: “What God Has Joined…”
Re-addressing “What God Hath Joined”

The next question is usually, “So, what can I do about it?” The series that seems to be accessed the most from different search engines is my Addressing The Sexless Marriage series. As well, a couple more that try to help.

Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.1
Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.2
Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.3
Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.4
Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.5
Addressing the Sexless Marriage, pt.6
Refused? A New Tool To Help, part 1
Refused? A New Tool To Help, part 2
All You Think About Is Sex!
The Shot Across The Bow, Reloaded

Next, The Interim™. “Okay, I realize that I’m not the problem, I’ll have The Talk™; then what?” These posts should help.

Waiting, Watching, Working, pt. 1
Waiting, Watching, Working: pt. 2
Waiting, Watching, Working: pt. 3
Waiting, Watching, Working: pt. 4
Waiting, Watching, Working: pt. 5
Waiting, Watching, Working: pt. 6
Therapeutic Distancing

Lastly, is it your time? Is your situation ‘tolerable’ or ‘intolerable’? This might not be for you. Bookmark this site and come back in a couple of years.

Truly Miserable?