Update/Apology (sort of)

Recently I received an email from a reader who, in essence, dropped a pebble in the well and asked, “Anybody there?” I know that I haven’t posted anything in over a month, and while not a full apology, I guess I need to at least account for myself, as I do see blogging as a responsibility now.

First off, I am one of the worst procrastinators on the planet. I know it, I admit it, I own it. It is easy for me to think to myself, “Work on a post or check out the news? News it is, then.” After all, as a confirmed curmudgeon and troglodyte, it is my duty to check on the latest depredations that the hordes of destruction have perpetrated in the last hour. As a result, that post I am struggling with? It gets pushed back, and for that I do apologize for that.

Second, about that post I’m struggling with… Yeah, there are one or two of those. I’m beginning to see my way clear on them, so don’t give up hope, I’m still alive and kicking. You know me; I’m definitely gonna kick.

Third, wife and I are both having a couple of health issues. Wife’s crippling fear of dentists (totally founded, I might add) kept her from telling me of dental pain until she could put it off no longer, and she has to have a root canal now. Also, I am having to go to physical therapy twice a week for a bad shoulder, and so the Maker’s planned obsolescence for mankind continues on apace.

Lastly and (at this time) most important to me is my recent reading. Material I have seen and read in the past couple of years has got me thinking that we Christians have really created our own religion, separate from the one that Christ practiced and instituted. Viewing Joel Hoffman’s TEDTalk on problems in bible translation started me down this road. I then read an online article about misunderstanding biblical idioms, which I referenced in this post. Truly enlightening to me were David Instone-Brewer’s books on divorce and remarriage, which showed how little we Christians know of the context of Paul and Christ’s teachings on the subject. (His books were the foundation for my Divorce: Scarlet Letter or Valid Option series.)

Now, I reading another book that continues in that vein, beyond the topic of marriage. Sitting At The Feet Of Rabbi Jesus is one of the few books that I’ve read in my life of which it can be said, “It changed my life.” (Seriously, folks, get this book!!) I am not kidding when I write that there is so much that the Church has lost by not connecting our faith with our Jewish roots. By ignoring what Christ was saying in the setting and time of His incarnation, by reading His teaching through our Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. lenses, we have missed so much of what the Bible is saying to us.

I’m only half-way through Sitting… because I am reading each chapter twice (once for the “Wow!” and once to take notes), but I know that I will be writing on my other blog (which has been moribund) about what I’m learning. And I am going to have the task of integrating what I am learning into how I approach living out my faith. So some of my future blogging will be on CSL On The Bible.

(As a librarian and storyteller, let me pique your interest with this question. Hasn’t it always bothered you that the huge crowd that cheered Jesus on Palm Sunday chanted, “Crucify Him!” on Good Friday? What could turn public opinion so fast, that tens of thousands could flip that switch just like that? The answer is, …. THEY DIDN’T! Will address that one soon on the other blog. Stay tuned.)

So I am asking for your patience and prayers as I marshall my ideas and words and will.


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