A Quick PSA

I don’t normally tell my readers about something that is for sale, but this calls for an exception. However, I just received notice in my inbox that an excellent marriage resource is available at a bargain price.

All too often, one of the partners in a marriage is occupying the place of a doormat for the other. Unable to say “No” and desiring to be “a witness for Christ,” they carry the burdens of the marriage in an unequal relationship. One of my recommendations for new readers is to join The Marriage Bed forum (see sidebar for link); one of the most recommended books on TMB is Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend. It tells how to set proper boundaries in marriage in order to restore normalcy to relationships.

If you use either a Kindle reader or iBooks on an Apple device, the book is available from just $2.99. I am buying it for my iPad and I highly recommend readers get it, as well. 

One final note, I do not have any affiliate programs going, so this isn’t something that I do for support. (This post will stay up as long as the book is on sale.)



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3 responses to “A Quick PSA

  1. tjcox53

    After a long talk with the missus this morning this may be just the read that she needs. Picked it up already, will encourage her to read it. Thanks!

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  2. tjcox53

    Just wanted to thank you again for this recommendation. After I got it for my wife, she read it w/o any prompting, which for her is virtually unheard of. Recognizing she has a problem with setting boundaries with others regarding our marriage, was instrumental to her changing her work schedule, so that for the first time in many years, we actually have time to spend with each other, rather than just passing ships in the night.

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