Another Year Gone?


In checking the calendar, I’m surprised to see that today is the second anniversary of my first post of this blog. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on what, if anything, I’ve done in my second year.

In coming into 2016, I did make a decision about the content of the blog. When I was flush with the excitement of sitting down to a laptop and flinging thoughts out at the world, …, well, I admit it. I let myself run all over the lot. I started posting about one of my favorite things in life, old movies. I posted about favorite films, favorite actors, and even favorite character actors, the ones you see and say, “Oh, yeah, I remember him/her!”

I expanded that to write about obscure finds on Netflix, telling of new films or TV series that no one has ever heard of, but that we at the CSL house thought were pure gold. As well, I decided to include writings about theology and did a series of posts on the Apostles’ Creed, going through it, line by line.

In December, I repeated my activities of the previous year, writing about holiday-related themes, including music and movies.

But as I approached 2016, I began to think that maybe this particular blog should be about marriages and sexuality, and that I shouldn’t divert my attention, on CSL anyway, away from the reason that I started this blog in the first place. Of course, that resulted in a greatly dimished output for 2016, with only 19 posts between January and May. And then I took most of the summer off so that I could work on compiling my 88-year-old mother’s recollections and memories that I’ve collected over the past few years and publishing them for my family.

And while I’ve not had the output of the previous year, I am satisfied with what I have done. Of course, off the blog, Mom’s book is my biggie for the year, and there will be more coming about that, later.

As well, I’ve created a second blog so that I have an outlet for all those other writing urges I may have, not related to this subject matter. Again, more may be appearing later.

What about this blog? Any accomplishments, anything I could look back on and say, “Yeah, I did good”? Due to limited output, I don’t have much to point to, but for me, a couple of things stand out. First of all, this past spring, my favorite blogger of all, Paul Byerly, of Generous Husband and The XY Code, included links to several of my posts in his Sunday morning round-ups, and I was completely bowled over by that. (We also got to meet Paul and his wife Lori, of Generous Wife, on their swing through Virginia, in May, and that was a treat.)

Of the work I’ve done this year, I think my four-part series, Divorce: Scarlett Letter or Valid Option, is important. The Christian universe is so locked in on the teaching of adultery as the only valid reason for separation and/or divorce that it cannot see that both the Old and New Testament give other reasons, valid reasons, and it all comes down to breaking the faith of the covenant by one’s actions. I know that it’s not a popular position to take, but I am proud of putting that series together.

The hardest post to write this year was my Lost Toys, Lost Joys post. While I do believe that repentance and reconciliation is God’s desire for all marriages, I read so many who write of the consequences of failing to follow God’s plan.

~ ~ ~

So, do I have any ideas about what might be coming in the next year? Not really. I do know that I’m trying to write one post a week for this blog. I’ve got a file on my Google Drive that is chock-a-block full of ideas for future posts. I might be working more on my other blog (which I want to keep related to theology, and not to marriage.)

So, no, I don’t know just where CSL will be going, and I only have the vaguest idea of any future plans. I just know that I am going to try to write weekly, and try to be pertinent, if not witty.



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4 responses to “Another Year Gone?

  1. Phil

    Dear CSL
    I’d like to thank you for all the thoughtful, insightful and witty comments you have written on such a difficult subject. I can honestly say that you have personally helped me more than you can ever imagine.

    As for the future, it sounds as though your blog will naturally evolve rather than follow a rigid & pre-determined route which I think is rather fitting given the subject matter.

    Best wishes,

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    • Thanks, Phil,

      I am willing to cop to smart-alecky, but I’ll let others be the judge of “witty”. That’s a bridge too far, I believe, for some. 🙂

      I do know that I am doing more reading for other writers than I have done in the past, so I’m pretty sure that something of what they have to say will rub off on my and the blog. But given that I’m pretty much the curmudgeonly coot that I am, maybe I’ll rub off on them. 🙂


  2. Happy blogversary to you, CSL! What you’re doing here matters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In a post I’m working on and soon to be published, I tell how there are three kinds of people in the world: optimists, pessimists and curmudgeons. Guess which of the three is the least sanguine? 🙂

      But thank you for your help and support, and I hope too many people aren’t holding you accountable for it. 🙂

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