Two Surprises…

There is a story that I’ve read where a son writes a letter to his folks telling them that he is gay and that he’s coming out of the closet, that he is going to announce this to the family’s church on the coming Sunday. Then, on the second page of the letter, he tells them that he is NOT gay, but that he got an F in Algebra. He concluded with, “Seems rather insignificant now, doesn’t it?”

I will admit that my ‘surprises’ are insignificant as well, but still, well,… They are my surprises, none the less.

First, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I think the world of the ministry of Paul and Lori Byerly, The Generous Husband and The Generous Wife. They are de rigueur marriage reading, as far as I’m concerned; why do you think that they are the first two listed on my bloglist, in my sidebar? Last year, Paul and Lori realized their vision of becoming full-time traveling RV ministers and sharing their marriage ministry around the country. On their Generous Journey blog, they share their travels, and this past week, their ministry brought them into our neck of the woods, the Tidewater area of Virginia.

We had opportunity to meet for a time of food and fellowship, and Wife and I had a great time visiting with Paul and Lori. We talked Virginia and Texas (they winter with family in Austin), politics, mayo (on fries), marriage, ministry and motivation. There was much laughter and a heap of enjoyment to go along with the good food. At the end of the evening, as we were parting ways, we watched Paul and Lori taking their pictures with Mr. Peanut. A photograph was taken to document this momentous moment in history, and Lori shared it this past Saturday on Generous Wife.


As well, Lori shared our first names, so another veil has fallen. I should tell you that you should not confuse me with the Chuck of Chuck Knows Church, in my sidebar. That is a great series done by the UMC, with an excellent actor named Josh Childs.

So much for surprise #1. (Oh, before moving on, let me just ask, if you are looking for a ministry to get behind and to support, that you consider Paul and Lori. In the sidebar of Paul’s Generous Husband, he lists ways that you can help him and Lori in their ministry.)

Surprise #2? Something of a hiatus, I’m afraid. I’m not stepping away from Curmudgeonly Librarian, but for the next 2-3 months, I am going to be working on a project that I want need to finish.

My mom is 88-years-old, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been collecting her stories and our family history via phone conversations. I had been after her for several years to sit down with a tape recorder and tape them for us, but she has a ‘thing’ about technology. As the Amish saying goes, “Too soon old, too late smart”; it took me years to realize that if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain. So, a couple of years ago, I started typing Mom’s stories during our phone calls.

I have been looking to collect them and put together a tribute book for her, but recent phone conversations have contained hints that give me pause; I’m thinking that there might be early signs of the onset of a dementia, and I want her to be able to have this as a tool to help her hold on to who she is.

With that in mind, time that I would be giving to writing blogposts will, for the next few months, be given over to getting this ready for printing. I’m not stepping away from CSL altogether; in fact, I have at least five more posts that I am slowing cobbling together as I type this. I’m still here and will still respond to comments and emails, but posting will slow to a crawl.

Rest assured, I’m still the same cuddly Curmudgeon and I’m still here. And I hope that I will be finished with this project before the end of summer. See you then,




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8 responses to “Two Surprises…

  1. I’ll miss your posts during your hiatus, but I am very glad of the reason you’re doing it. I would love to put together some of my family’s history, but the people who knew it are already gone from us.

    From various sources I’ve read, mental work helps to stave off some of the progress of dementia. It may be that what is important and a blessing to you will also be so for her.

    May God grant you every success!

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  2. IntimacySeeker

    I wish you well in this endeavor and commend you for making it a priority. I have my great-grandmother’s autobiography as well as the life stories of my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Treasures indeed.

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  3. I am so glad you and your wife had the opportunity to visit with Paul and Lori in real life. They are such a delight. You can’t help leaving their presence refreshed.

    As a fellow amateur genealogist, family history is very important to document. Please enjoy your time of fact finding and compiling. I will miss your posts, but will look forward to more in the fall.

    God speed to your and your lovely wife.

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  4. Phil

    Dear CSL

    Thank you so much for the help you have given me (and many others I’m sure). I’ll miss your thought provoking & insightful posts but I’m so glad that you’re actually doing something for your family that many others may just think about but never action.

    All the very best,

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  5. Chuck – We enjoyed our time with you two. Love what you’re doing with your mom – I wish more people were collecting these stories that will otherwise die with the one who can tell them, Many blessings as you finish the project, and may you return with fresh ideas and a new flush of cantankerous energy.

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  6. You are doing a beautiful thing for your mother. My own Mom found it cathartic to write down her life story, difficult though that was for her. It has meant the world to us, having that, now she is gone. God bless you.

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