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“Feminine Side” – *snort*


This is going to be short, and I’m not even sure I’ve got a point in all of this, but here goes. What’s with all the attempts at gender-bending men? As I’ve said before, Prof. Henry Higgins got it right when he said, “By and large, we are a marvelous sex!”

Recently, I’ve been reading Eggerichs’ book, Love and Respect, and have really been enjoying it. I can tell that there will probably be an blogpost or three inspired by it, somewhere down the road. In his introductory chapter to husbands on how to communicate love to their wives, there was one statement that Eggerichs made that made me put down my iPad and go, “Whoa!”  In an aside, when telling husbands that they aren’t being called to become women, Eggerichs says, Continue reading


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Divorce: Scarlet Letter or Valid Option?; pt. 4


This is the fourth of a four-part series; here are the links to part 1part 2,  & part 3.

At the end of my first post in this series, I said that I wanted to get around to discussing the import of the phrase “hard heartedness” and its relationship to the intentional violation of the marriage vows. Because of my verbosity, I didn’t feel I could extend the next two articles to get to that subject, but now is the time to go there.

In my last post, I demonstrated how Matthew told the story of Jesus debunking the Talmudic Reasoning that was applied to God’s Law by rabbis that created an “Any Cause” clause in support of their version of No-Fault divorce. And as we saw, after Jesus blew up the “Any Cause” clause, the Pharisees sprung their trap: Continue reading


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