Proud, I tell you, proud!

It should come as no surprise that I love our English language. I play with words like some play video games. So when Chris Taylor, of Forgiven Wife, sent me a link to an article that mentioned me by name, I was extremely pleased. The article? Sesquipedalian. Yessir, that’s me, alright. It makes a boy proud to be a man! 🙂

I nearly idolize people who can use our language in original ways. There are rafts of poets that people like and hold up as great craftsmen, but I’m a little different. My favorite poet was the great cartoonist, Walt Kelly. He’s best known, justly so, for his Pogo characters, but he loved to play with English. My favorite poem is Kelly’s Lines Upon a Lunar Tune Arune.

The Moon is a Madness,
A Madness of mine.
I made her of mustard
And mulberry wine.

I garbed her in silver
And strawberry cheese
And halved her in quarters.
(Her quarters do please.)

I crowned her and gowned her
In Love all ashine,
So boot her and shoot her,
This Madness of mine.

*le sigh*



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2 responses to “Proud, I tell you, proud!

  1. It isn’t often that I see your middle name smack dab at the top of an article. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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