Netflix Gold: Granite Flats


Today, instead of writing something about another classic film, I’m going to tell you about another hidden gem we’ve found on Netflix. There is a small series entitled Granite Flats, that is, oh, so family-friendly, and if you are a Christian who streams video into your homes, you need to find it.

Granite Flats is a cross between Andy Griffiths’ Mayberry and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. How’s that for intriguing, huh? Set in a military base/town in Colorado in the early ’60’s, it weaves Hardy Boys action, Cold War espionage, and personal redemption into a storyline with a multitude of characters.

There are three seasons of Granite Flats, with eight programs in each series. Produced by BYU Studios, it is quite surprising just how good their production values are. And the shocker for us was that half way through the second season, two of our favorite actors turned up, with recurring roles: Cary Elwes, of Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Princess Bride, and the great Chrisopher Lloyd. Yeah, THAT Christopher Lloyd, Doc Brown in Back To The Future.

If you’re on Netflix and you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment, be sure to give Granite Flats a try.


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