Happy Christmas 1.5 – The Holly and the Ivy


“1.5”? Yes, 1.5. I had originally scheduled three posts to come after Matinee Monday, but because I was futzing around, trying to get a CL Twitter account and have it co-ordinate with my blog, I somehow overrode the scheduling and posted it yesterday, instead of this morning. So I include a “bonus” Happy Christmas.

In a way, this error is a disguised blessing, because it gives me a chance to shed another veil, to expose a little more of what makes me happy. And that is old, old, seriously-old carols. Wife and I were talking last night, and listening to an album of Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Der Bingle, and the like, croon their way through standard Christmas fare, and that was alright. Wife did note that while it didn’t get her in the Christmas spirit, it did help to create an air of sentiment. And she is right. Sentiment, not spirit.

But for me, an anglophile, old (even ancient) carols do help me get into the Christmas spirit. The more medieval the tune and/or lyrics sound, the more the song fills me with ‘spirit.’ There’s the standard “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella”. One that over the past few year has seemingly been re-discovered is “The Cherry Tree Carol.” (Truly love that one.) But the one that sends me soaring is “The Holly and the Ivy”. I hope you enjoy this version, by The Mediaeval Babes.

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