Happy Christmas, #1 – Snoopy’s Christmas


You will observe that I say “Happy Christmas,” not “Merry Christmas.” If you are British, that is the normal greeting, but here in North America, the traditional greeting is “Merry Christmas.” So why am I using the above, rather than the traditional? Because, for the next three days, I’m putting up posts to Christmas songs that make me happy. I love the traditional carols just as much as the next guy (maybe even more than the next guy, when it comes to that!) But there are Christmas songs that aren’t carols, that I can’t get enough of, and I’m going to say a little something about them.

The first one is what many probably consider a silly song, “Snoopy’s Christmas,” by The Royal Guardsmen. A true one-trick pony, the RGs had two hit tunes, both gimmicks, singing about Snoopy and his fantasy as a WWI ace. But believe it or not, the chorus of this song moves me. I don’t know if it’s the chimes, the tenor of their voices, of the words of the chorus, but each time those bells chime and they enter the chorus, I get verklempt. It makes me happy, and I hope you enjoy it, as well.

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