Matinee Monday, #1


Where else can I start? Singin’ In The Rain is, hands-down, the all-time greatest musical, if not all-time greatest movie ever filmed. There are close competitors, including a number of films from Hollywood’s greatest year, 1939, but when you come right down to it, Singin’ In The Rain is the greatest movie ever filmed.

And where do you start? There is so much lore about the film, so much great trivia and backstory. Do you begin with the courage it took to pair a star of Gene Kelly’s magnitude with an 18-year-old ingenue, Debbie Reynolds, in her first starring role? Do you mention the great individual numbers, like “Make ‘Em Laugh” or “Good Morning?” How about the sound track, the songs of Arthur Freeh that carry the story forward? Do you focus on the second banana, Donald O’Connor, who was debilitated for three days after filming “Make ‘Em Laugh” because he smoked four packs of cigarettes a day?

There is such a plethora of possible talking points about this movie that trying to choose just one to talk about does an injustice to the whole film. But no matter how many talking points you consider, you have to come back to the iconic image of a sick Gene Kelly, running a 103ᵒ fever, dancing down the studio street, singing the title song. It’s a joy to watch, and it is ever green. It will never grow old.


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