A Small Detour….

I am new to WordPress and blogging, and I have discovered that WP has a one-month ‘course’, Blogging 101, for new bloggers. I thought it would be a good idea to go through the ‘course’, and I find that I will be given assignments to compete during the month. I have completed a couple, and now find that I am presented with an assignment that is, quite frankly, quite challenging. It cuts to the heart, making me think about why I am even picking up keyboard and blogging. The assignment?

Who is my “Ideal Reader”?

The reader of my dreams would be a person with the sagacity of C. S. Lewis who acknowledged my insight as helpful to formulating his conclusions, of course.

But I guess that, barring my apotheosis into the Hall of Great Thinkers, I would have to consider whom I am addressing with my writing. And for that, I have to look at why I feel compelled to engage in blogging in the first place.

I find that my concerns, as I view the world around me, are in the areas of marriage and relationships, church and theology, cultural drift and corruption, and my motivation is to be a voice for what is right and healing in those matters. There are other voices addressing these areas, but one more voice is just that: one more voice. Just as thousands and millions of votes elect our officials, thousands and millions of voices express views on cultural and societal norms, and I want to help provide one more voice, with (it is to be hoped) cogent and penetrative arguments for what I believe.

With that in mind, I would say that my “Ideal Reader” would be someone who is seeking for direction on how to live rightly and justly for God, for others, and for themselves.

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  1. Having a clear sense of audience and solid sense of purpose has helped me immensely in blogging. You have a unique voice, so it’s good to be sure you’re speaking to those who are best suited to hear you.


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